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Hospital Bag Checklist

When going into hospital to have a baby there are some key items you’ll need to take with you. So it’s best to pack a bag before your due date (the earlier the better) so the hospital bag is ready to grab when it’s all systems go!

For Baby


 • 2x short sleeves bodysuits in size tiny baby and new born

• 2x sleepsuits / babygrows in size tiny baby and new born

• 2x going home babygrows in size tiny baby and new born

• 2x baby socks (not essential if babygrow has feet).

• 2x cardigans

• 2x baby hats

• 2x baby mitts

We suggest getting two sizes, or just new born as better clothing is too big than too small. Babies will need to wear a hat, especially when just born to keep them warm.

A nice going home outfit is not essential, but can make it special for you for baby’s first outing.


• Vaseline

• Muslin cloths

• Pack of cotton wool pads (used for cleaning baby’s bum so bigger the better)

• Small pot (to wash baby’s bum)

• Small bottle of olive oil

• Water wipes

• Nappies for tiny baby and new born

• Cellular blanket

• Baby Formula

• Car Seat

• Pram with car seat adapters (to be left in the boot of the car)

For nappy changing, it is recommended not to use too many products. Hence a small pot/ bowl with warm water is recommended with some cotton wool. The olive oil is a recommendation as baby’s first poos can quite sticky!

Cellular blankets are recommended by the hospital as they have holes in making them breathable and therefore more safe. Even if you are planning on breast feeding it might be a good idea to take some formula with you in case things don’t work out. You can buy ready to use sterilised bottles with formula in that are convenient for the hospital.

REMEMBER the hospital will not let you leave without seeing your car seat. And to make leaving the hospital easier, you might want to leave the pram in the boot of the car if it is one where you can click the car seat onto.

For You


• 2x pyjamas (ideally button down)

• Dressing gown

• Nightie / big t-shirt don’t mind chucking in case wear during labour

• 2x black / throw away pants / old knickers

• Pack of maternity sanitary towels

• 2x maternity bras

• Breast pads (throw away or washable)

• 2x Towels

• Socks

• Leave hospital outfit (button down top / dress if possible) with easy to slip on shoes

• Flip flops (possibly better then slippers)

• Bikini/ Swim top (if planning on using a birthing pool).

We suggest button down nightwear and clothing as you may not be as mobile as you were before labour, especially if you have caesarean, plus easier if you choose to breast feed.


• Entertainment (book, tablet, head phones)

• Brush / Hair ties

• Shampoo, condition & shower gel

• Dry shampoo

• Face wipes

• Moisturiser / Lip balm

• Nipple cream

• Tooth brush & tooth paste

• Make up

• Phone charger / Power bank

• Snacks and drinks

• Maternity notes

• Fan

• Small light

• Straw

• Travel pillow & blanket

Who knows how long labour will take, so a book or relaxing music might help. Toiletries that will make you feel good, can be a life saviour after labour to make you feel a bit fresher. Make up is not essential, but you might want to take it for those first baby photos.

Snacks and drinks that are easy to consume during labour, Maltesers was recommend by a nurse! And a straw might come in handy if you can’t sit up at any point.

If you end up staying overnight at hospital and you want someone with you don’t forget a travel pillow and blanket as there may not be a bed for a visitor.


You may be in and out of hospital in the same day, or you might be there for a little longer. You therefore might want to have an extra bag ready with extra clothing etc in case your stay is longer than expected!


Start shopping for your hospital bag here on the below link, don’t forget we get new stock in all the time so check back often for the latest products and special offers!