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1. 10% OFF DISCOUNT on every order! Yes every order, even on sale items!

2. Exclusive access to the Club Outlet page were you can find secret discount codes!

3. Same day dispatch – order before 4PM and your order will be prioritised & shipped same day.

4. Longer return period – get 40 days from the date you receive your order to return it (instead of 28 days).



Want to join Club Outlet and start getting the benefits, then you just need to do one of the following:

+ Be invited by an existing Club Outlet member. We just need an email from their email on their account inviting you. Click here to contact us.

+ Ordered 5 times with us.

+ Bought Diamond Delivery (get unlimited free UK delivery for 6 months for only £9.95). Find out more here. Once you have bought Diamond Delivery just let us know you want to join Club Outlet by clicking here.




Already a Club Outlet member? Then click here to log in and then come back to this page to get your exclusive discount codes.

Don’t forget to share the love and invite someone you know to join Club Outlet (only to special people though!) Just email us from the email you use to log in with the details of the guest you would like to invite to join Club Outlet. We will need their name and email address.


Terms & Conditions Of Club Outlet

Updated January 2019

  1. Club Outlet members can invite new members by providing the potential new member’s name and email address. You must have obtained consent from the new member that we can email them.
  2. To join Club Outlet by ordering 5 times, each order must not have been refunded in full. After the 5th order has been placed a waiting period may be placed to allow the return period to end before the member can join Club Outlet. It must be clear the same person has made all five orders, i.e. used the same login or shipping details.
  3. Same day dispatch will be dispatched on the delivery service the customer orders. During busy periods this service may not be available.
  4. If joined Club Outlet by purchasing Diamond Delivery, once Diamond Delivery has expired the user will no longer be a member, unless they have ordered more than 5 times or have been invited by an existing member.
  5. A 10% off discount code will automatically be added to a Club Outlet member’s account. This discount code cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes. Therefore if another discount code is used, it will be removed from that order.
  6. Children’s Outlet holds the right to not except new members or to remove members from Club Outlet if it is viewed they are abusing or misusing the service.