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Spot The Fake!

What are Fake Facebook Likes?

We’ve all heard of fake news and the problems it can cause, but what about fake likes? Ever looked at a business’s facebook page to check out if they are legit and thought “wow they have a lot of likes they must be good!” Well hold that thought, as it is becoming increasing popular for companies to buy facebook likes to get you to think that very thought.  Yes you can buy fake facebook likes!

Fake likes are often from facebook accounts that a piece of software has created, so the facebook accounts are not real people. So how can you tell if the likes are fake? Just like when you are shopping online with a new retailer and you check the standard things to make sure they are legit (clear contact details, their terms and conditions, returns policy, their feedback rating etc), it is worth doing a quick check to see if that amazing ego boosting facebook like count is real too. And if they’re lying about their facebook likes, what else are they lying about!? Here is what to spot

Check Their Engagement

So they have over 10,000 likes but who cares? Check out their posts and see how many people are actually commenting or liking their posts. If the number of engagements is really low compared to the number of likes this is the biggest sign the likes may have been bought. Fake likes are not real people so they won’t actually make comments.

Consider If This Business Would Have This Many Likes

Getting likes can be hard work! And if you’re looking at a business page with over 10,000 which is for a mundane company such as accounting, probably doubtful thousands of people have liked the page to be kept up to date with what is happening with the latest inflation rates. Or does the business only service a particular area and if so, is it likely every person in that town likes their page!


What Does Facebook Say?

Facebook has stated:

“Likes created by fake accounts or people without real intent are bad for people on Facebook, advertisers and Facebook itself.

We have a strong incentive to aggressively go after the bad actors behind fake likes, because businesses and people who use our platform want real connections and results.”

So hopefully Facebook will take down the pages with fake likes, but in the mean time hopefully our tips will help.


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Quote from Facebook taken from: https://www.facebook.com/business/a/page/fake-likes