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Packing For Your Family Summer Holiday

A family holiday is one of the most exciting things about summer. Whether you’re going on holiday abroad, or having a staycation in the U.K; there’s nothing better than escaping from day to day life for a week or two and exploring a new destination. Getting your family organised for the trip can be difficult, though. And it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll forget at least one really important item, but that’s why we’re here to help…

We’ve put together our very own guide to help make sure you have all of the essentials for travelling sensibly with your family, without missing out anything that you’ll really need. Read on for some top tips on how to pack for your family summer holiday!


How To Pack Sensibly

When you go on holiday as a family, you want to make sure you have a certain amount of home comforts to keep your children happy and feeling comfortable whilst away. But, you also want to be able to carry your suitcase without crippling yourself!

So, how do you strike that balance of packing sensibly whilst making sure you have everything you need? Our top tip: make as many lists as you can to keep a record of what you’ll need to pack, and don’t leave it until the last minute!

You should start packing one – two weeks before you set off. Set schedules of when to get certain items washed and put in specific piles ready to pack away and keep check of what’s going into the suitcase and what’s not.

Download our printable “Family summer holiday packing” checklist and make sure you don’t forget anything for your holiday! Click here to download our packing check list


Outfit Planning

In the same way you might do it for your own wardrobe, look at the colour palettes of the clothes, what they can be worn with, and the weather of the destination you’re going to. This might seem like it could be a lot of effort to do, but trust us – it’s worth it.

Most of the time, kids aren’t fussy about what they’re wearing! And as we all know, accidents happen, so it’s more than likely that a few outfit changes will be required throughout the holiday, It’s a good idea to pack a number of different tops and bottoms that can be switched up easily. This way, you can pack for a holiday without needing to take their entire wardrobe. Hotter climates mean you won’t need as much, but if you’re having a staycation, there’s obviously going to be a risk of rain (ah, the Great British summer weather).

Don’t forget, flip flops, swimwear, extra outfits for emergencies and a raincoat (just incase!).


The Essentials

If your children are quite young, it might be worth thinking about taking your own travel cot and bedding with you on holiday, sometimes this isn’t doable – but it can really help to make sure your little one feels safe and sound at bedtime. It will make it a little easier for them to drift off to sleep, and for you to get a restful night’s sleep too!

Alongside this are the toiletry essentials, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo & shower gel. Invest in reusable plastic containers that you can use to take a bit of your everyday items with you, this way you’re not having to weigh down your suitcase with  full size toiletries. And of course, don’t forget the sun cream! Pack factor 50+ to protect your kids skin from harmful UV rays. Sun hats and sunglasses are essential too as children under 10 are more susceptible to the suns rays. Their skin is much more delicate at this age, so it’s a good idea to be extra cautious where you can be!


Travel games are really important to help keep your children entertained in the car or on the plane. Make sure you pack a few books, your tablet with games installed, or purchase a few travel games like battleships, a pack of cards etc. so there’s plenty to do in case of delays!

Top tip: Don’t forget to pack plug adaptors and enough charger cables to go around, you don’t all want to be fighting over who gets to charge their phone next!

And last but not least, hand luggage. If you’re running out of space in your suitcases keep in mind that your kids always love to be involved. Packing a few little bits into their own, much smaller backpack or suitcase can be a great way to save space. It’s also a great idea to build them their own little travel entertainment pack that they can enjoy en route.