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How To Plan A Baby Shower

A baby shower can be one of the highlights of pregnancy. Not only is it the perfect opportunity for friends and family to get together and celebrate  the newest family member, it’s also a chance to show the parents-to-be the strong support system they’ll have when the baby arrives.

Get A Date Agreed

Easier than it sounds for big groups but more importantly when a good date will be for the mother to be is the most important. Around 7 months for the mother-to-be as best not too close to the due date or when she is feeling uncomfortable. Also make sure the important people can come before sending out the invites, you don’t want to upset the grandparents to be! Once date agreed get the invites out.

Start Planning

After sending out the invites and organising the location, it’s time to get creative and plan the little additions that’ll make the day unique and special for the mum and dad to be.

Decide on a theme can really help when you’re planning a baby shower. From children’s fairy tales to rose- gold chic, springtime florals to afternoon tea creating something a little bit special will make the day even more memorable.

Once you’ve found a theme you like decoration for the venue – whether that’s a room in your house or a local coffee shop – it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are a few simple ideas we are loving at the moment.

Balloon Garland

If you’re looking for simple ways to add something unique to the baby shower decorations, then this quick trick might be the answer!

To add a fresh, garden feel to the room, replace the simple string of a helium balloon with a floral garland. You can pick up artificial garlands in most garden centres, and could even add a few fresh flowers to give it a pop of colour. This easily makes something quick and simple, look classic and thoughtful.

Create a Photo Wall

Photo walls are a great way to add a personal touch to the baby shower. Why not gather the baby photos of those attending, or create a space covered with childhood photos of the mum and dad to be. This is a space to laugh about the past, and also to think about what memories will be made in the years to come.

You will just need a cork board and some basic pins, or a meter or two of string and a few pegs to display the photographs.


No baby shower is complete without a couple of games and remember not everyone will know each other so it makes for a good ice breaker. Fun prizes that don’t have to be expensive for the winners makes it more competitive – who doesn’t like chocolate!? Here are some of our favourites.

Guess The Baby

Get everyone to bring a photo of themselves as a baby (but they can’t show anyone). Display all the baby photos on a table or stick them on a wall with a number next to each photo. People then have to guess who’s baby photo is who (name badges might be needed here if lots of people don’t know each other). The person who guesses the most correct wins!

The Price Is Right

This fun games gets people to guess the prices on popular baby items. All you need to do it go online or get a catalogue and find some typical baby related items such as a changing mat or cot. Print out or cut out the photos or save them so you can display them on a device like a tablet the show the images to your guests and they have to guess the price. The guest who guesses the price the closest wins!

Gift Guide

Something it’s nice to bring a gift along to the baby shower to offer as a keepsake, or  something helpful for the months to come. At Children’s Outlet we stock a range of quality products, perfect for welcoming a new born into the world. Check out our gift guide by clicking here.