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Easter Half Term Activities for All of The Family

Easter half term is just around the corner, providing a great opportunity to take a break and spend some valuable time with your little ones. We understand that sometimes it can be tricky to find things to do that keep the kids entertained without having to spend a small fortune.

We ’ve put together a guide of things to do, rain or shine, that both you and your little ones will love, without breaking the bank. Check out a few of these great activities for an egg-cellent Easter break.


Easter Bonnet

In the coming weeks, pre-schools and primary schools across the country will be holding their annual Easter bonnet competition.

This super easy, fun crafts activity is a fantastic opportunity for children to let their artistic and inventive sides loose. What’s more, you don’t have to spend a fortune on bonnet craft materials to win this year’s competition.

Photo courtesy of http://mollymoocrafts.com/easter-crafts/

We have put together a list of great, cost-effective material perfect not just for Easter bonnets, but a range of Easter Arts and Crafts. In need of a little inspiration? Pinterest is a great place to start!

The Range

The range stock a brilliant selection of Easter arts and crafts materials, starting from just a pound. You will find an Easter Bonnet Decorating Kit for just £1.99, Easter Craft Nests , Easter Fluffy Chicks as well as a beautiful selection of ribbon and buttons.

The Works

The Works is another great spot to pick up Easter arts and crafts goodies, perfect for Easter bonnet making. Craft materials start from just £1 and include Easter Grass , Easter Lambs, and Easter Glitter Glue. You can even pick up your own Easter Bonnet that is perfect for decorating.


Looking for paints and PVA glue? Tesco stock ready mixed paint in a range of colours from just £1.25 for 300ml as well as PVA glue, card and Crayola Supertips Washable Markers.


Easter Cookies

Rainy half term days are made for baking. Don’t let the rain stop you from having fun! Get your mixing bowl and apron at the ready for these scrumptious and easy to make Easter treats.



Plan the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

If you haven’t already planned to take part in an Easter egg hunt in your local area, an Easter egg hunt at home makes for a great activity for all the family. Rather than simply hiding eggs around the house or garden for your little ones to find, why not try our fun Easter egg hunt game?

Download Easter Egg Hunt Game by clicking here.

Simply print and cut out the 9 Easter egg shapes attached. On each egg, write nine clues as to where the next Easter egg can be found.

For example, if you are hiding an Easter egg under the sofa you card may say ‘The next Easter egg can be found where we sit to watch the TV”. Perhaps for an egg hidden in the fridge, you may choose to write “The next Easter egg is chilling in the cold”. The idea is to make the egg cards personalised to your home and family.

This is ideal if you want to avoid your children eating too many chocolate treats! The final clue could lead to a real chocolate egg or Easter treat. It is also perfect for pet owners who are unable to hide chocolate treats around the house without the dog or cat having an Easter egg hunt of their own!



Easter Egg Basket

An Easter egg hunt just isn’t that same without having your very own, personalised Easter basket to safely store all of your Easter treats. Luckily for parents and guardians, this isn’t something you need to splash out on.  We’ re sure that your little ones will love this easy Easter egg basket craft idea, and you will too.

This craft activity doesn’t require many materials. In fact, many can be found around the house. For low-cost craft materials, check out our top picks of places to shop for Easter arts and crafts materials.

Photo and craft inspiration from https://www.firstpalette.com/craft/paper-cup-bunny-basket.html

You will need the following materials:

1. A clean paper takeaway cup

2. Paint

3. 2 pieced or card in different colours – or two pieces or recycled cardboard (cereal boxes are perfect) painted two different colours

4. Cotton wool

5. Googly eyes (or white paper and a black felt tip pen)

6. A small pompom

7. Pipe cleaner

8. PVA glue

You will need the following tools:

1. Scissors

2. Hole punch

  1. Create the holes for your handle. Take your paper cup and use your hole punch to pierce two holes directly opposite each at the top of the cup. These holes will be used to feed the pipe cleaners through, creating a handle later on in the process.

2. Paint your paper cup. It’s now time to transform your paper cup into your Easter basket. Using the colour of your choice, paint the outside of the cup so that it is entirely covered in paint.

Hint: If you are finding that the paint is not binding to the outside of the cup, take a piece of cardboard, wrap around the cup and stick down, creating a surface that you can paint on.

3. Draw cut and stick your bunny ears. Whilst you are waiting for the paint to dry, take your two pieces of coloured card to create the bunny ears.

On one colour draw two long oval shapes (approx. 4cm long and 1.5cm wide). On the second piece of card, draw two smaller long oval shapes (approx 2cm long and 1 cm wide). Cut the 4 shapes out.

Using your PVA glue, stick the smaller ovals onto to larger oval shapes. Your two bunny ears are now ready to be attached to the painted paper cup.

4. Stick the bunny’s ears to the cup. Once the paint on your cup has dried, dabble a small amount of PVA glue onto the bottom, front side of your bunny ears and stick the two ear next to each other on the inside of the cup.

5. Create the bunny’s face. Take your googly eyes and glue onto the font of the cup.

Hint: If you don’t have googly eyes, you can cut out small circles from white paper, and use a black felt tip pen to draw the eyes on.

Using your two cotton wool balls, create the snout. Stick your pompom onto the cup to create the nose.

5. Attached the handle. Finally, take your pipe cleaner. Feed each end of the pipe cleaner through your pre-cut holes. Twist the ends up to ensure secure attachment.


Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny

At Easter take on a common party game; pin the tail on the Easter Bunny. On a large piece of paper, draw, or encourage your children to draw a picture of an Easter rabbit. Use a piece of card to draw and cut out a circle, representing the bunny’s tail. Use blue take, or masking tape as a temporary adhesive.

If you don’t have an eye mask, use a clean tea towel to create a make-shift eye mask. Take it in turns to pin the tail on the Easter Bunny! This is perfect for an Easter party, or as an inexpensive half term activity.


Egg and spoon race

What better way to get into the Easter spirit than by getting outdoors into the fresh spring air for a good old fashioned egg and spoon race? An egg and spoon race is a classic Easter activity that creates inexpensive fun for all of the family. Buy a box of eggs from your local supermarket, hard boil for 12 minutes and leave to cool. Now its time for the race!

Hold your race in the garden, in the park or whilst out on a picnic with friends and family.

Photo from http://www.beafunmum.com/2011/02/easter-games/httpwww-dreamstime-com-image16809103/


Egg Parachutes

This is a great activity that doesn’t cost a lot, but really gets your children thinking! If you have eggs lefts over from your egg and spoon race, why not put them to use by making egg parachutes! The aim is to design and make a parachute that provides your egg with a smooth landing, avoiding as many cracks and damages as possible.

The beauty of this activity is the fact that you can use a variety of objects that can be found in the home, therefore there is no necessary need to buy craft materials. Try using plastic bags, bin liners, newspaper, string, straws, sticky tape and cardboard boxes.

Parachutes can be dropped from chairs or staircases and windows. We strongly advise that you supervise your children during this activity.


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