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How To Build A Blanket Fort


When it’s drip, drip, dropping little April Showers outside, you don’t want to get caught short with nothing to entertain the kids. Building a blanket fort is a super easy way to entertain your young ones (and you!)

This classic childhood activity is super fun and lets you be creative with household items, take some time out to enjoy family time together in a cozy blanket fort.


You will need:

  • 2-3 lightweight sheets
  • Cushions and blankets
  • 3 – 5 chairs
  • Books
  • Fairy lights
  • Board games/books / television & DVD’s (for entertainment)


The best space for blanket forts is usually in your living room, but depending on the layout of your house – you will know where is best for you! Choose somewhere with plenty of space, and get started. Spend some time with the children collecting everything around the house you think would be useful for the fort day, and don’t forget to use your sofa to its full potential (sofa cushions are the ultimate comfort as they’re nice and big).

Don’t forget to give your blanket fort a name for the day too, let your children get creative with art and crafts to create a sign….

Making your blanket fort structurally sound

You don’t want it falling in on you when you’re half way through your film, do you? Make sure your fort won’t collapse with these simple tips….

1. Use books to weigh down the blankets on the side of the fort

2. Face chairs outwards to give more space inside the fort

3. Use a coat rack to add height

How many chairs you use completely depends on how big you want your blanket fort to be. The more chairs… the more space you can have, giving you more room to chill out! Space the chairs apart and face them outwards, this way you can throw the sheets over the top of them and use the books to weigh them down so they don’t dip in the middle.

CO Top Tip: If you have a coat rack, use this at the entrance to your fort to make it big enough to crawl in and out of, without knocking the blankets off.

Getting comfortable…

To make sure your blanket fort is super comfy, you’ll need all of the blankets and cushions you can find. Gather them up and put them inside the fort so the floor is entirely covered. Then you can throw blankets over these to keep them secure – but don’t forget to keep a few blankets or duvets to wrap around yourself.

String the fairy lights up around the top of the fort to add a bit of light inside, and either use your laptop to watch a film on, or read a book and play games with the children.

Make sure to pin the sign that you created earlier on to the front of the fort (to let visitors know it’s the real deal) and climb inside for the ultimate day of relaxation for the whole family.


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