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12 Amazing Tips For New Mums

1.You can’t predict your labour
Make your birth plan as detailed as you can. What music you may want, who your birth partner is, what pain relief you want to take, how you would like to be monitored, do you want to be active during labour even if you want a foot massage. Write absolutely everything you want to happen down, then tear it up into a million pieces and let that sucker fly away into the wind because the only person who has any say in how labour and birth are happening is your baby. So listen to your body and what it is telling you and if something doesn’t feel right voice it very loudly until you are checked. There has never been in the history of womankind a “textbook” labour and birth.

2. All that matters is the baby is being fed
If you plan on breastfeeding, do not let yourself feel like a horrible mother because the baby doesn’t latch on right away. And be prepared for swollen milk ducts. If you plan on bottle feeding, do not let yourself feel like you’re a horrible mother because you decided to go that route. Regardless of which you choose, all that matters is the baby is being fed. End of story.

3. Be prepared to do a load of baby laundry every day
You’ll get through more daily changes of baby clothes than you could imagine in the early days. So double the amount of baby grows you think you’ll need and be prepared to do a load of baby laundry every day to keep on top of it.

4. Sleep or rest when the baby sleeps
Forget about the housework when the baby is sleeping. Take that time for yourself. Sleep or rest when the baby sleeps. As long as your home is not unsanitary, you’re good. It doesn’t matter if baby (or your) clothes are all over the house or if dishes are everywhere. You can wear your baby while doing chores while he/she is awake. Self-care is SO important.

5. Check your baby’s temperature   
If your baby won’t stop crying and you can’t figure out what’s wrong, see if they may be too hot or too cold. It might not be obvious from touching them. Try removing some of their clothes or blanket and check their temperature.

6. Trust your instincts
Trust your instincts and Relax! Your world has changed and give yourself time to adjust – do not expect to be perfect immediately. Seriously, chill. Ignore all horror stories of other mothers and all boasting stories of other mothers. Congratulations! Welcome to a world where you no longer put yourself first – every decision you will now make you will automatically think of how it will affect your little person first, not you. And it is OK.

 7. Take pictures 
Take LOTS of pictures! As the years go by, you’ll be happy you took all of those sleeping baby pics.

8. You’re going to have some bad days, and it’s OK!
Don’t try to be a superhuman mum. There’s going to be days when your house looks like a tornado’s torn through it because you’re too exhausted to handle it. There’s going to be times when the baby’s crying and no matter what you do, they still cry and you can’t work out why. It doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong – sometimes it’s just the way it is.

 9. Not every person gets that rush of love when they give birth
If you don’t feel bonded to your baby, don’t worry. You’re still getting to know this little human, and not every person gets that rush of love when they give birth.

10. Take care of yourself first
Your main job as a parent is to make sure your baby is safe. Your baby is not safe while in care of an exhausted, starved, and depressed person, so TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST. Make sure you eat, not only feed, that you take shower, not only give baths. And that you sleep, not just rock to sleep. Then you’ll be fine, both of you.

11. Every baby is different
Remember that every baby is different. Just because something worked for one mum and her baby doesn’t mean it’ll work for you and yours. Everything is trial and error, so if you have to try different things before something works for your baby then that is OK.

12. You’re doing just great
You’re doing a great job. You just brought a child into this world and that makes you amazing, no less than a superhero! No one gets it perfect but so long as your baby is happy you’re doing brilliant. YOU ARE AMAZING!

For the Dads
She’s going to be tired, maybe a little cranky, but that’s OK because she’s amazing (yes, there’s a theme here). Give her some time off, do the changes, the nap times, the feeding at least once in a while and let Mummy have some peace. Maybe enough time to catch up on some sleep, because god knows she probably needs it.